Herbes de Provence Skillet Chicken with Potatoes and Greens

A pan? Yes please! This French herbaceous de Provence skeleton uses chicken tenders, potatoes, olives and spinach to make a quick, freezer-friendly meal this Saturday night.

Sometimes you need to eat in your back pocket. Herbes de Provence Skillet Dinner is that food for me.

We always have potatoes and onions on the counter top, and the refrigerator is seldom without the green leaves and the olive pot. Toss them with some marinated chicken from the freezer, and dinner will be ready in no time!

The Best Chicken for This Recipe

For this prescription, leave half of the skinless chicken breast without split breasts and bones. You want finely chopped chicken breasts, chicken tenderloins or chicken tenders.

A thick breast will take a long time to cook, and you will run out of vegetables by the time the chicken is done. The thinner cut also gives you a better distribution of the spice as most of each bite is coated with marinade.

Shopping for the Vegetables

Potatoes: I use small golf ball size babies or B size potatoes because I want them to cook quickly. You can use large potatoes if you have them in your hand, just cut them into half-inch cubes.

Swiss Chard: I like Swiss Chard because it tastes like beetroot but not so strong. Try to find a chard with white stems. If you use a rainbow chard with red or yellow stems, the colored sauce will have lice and you will get pink or yellow sauce. If you don’t mind the colorful sauce, then go crazy with the rainbow chard in every way. If the Swiss chard is not your thing, then spinach is an alternative chard.

Olives: It may seem strange to mix olives and potatoes together, but they are heavenly matches. I buy full-paid Spanish olives and cut them in half, but I think this would work well with Queen Olive or Kalamata Olive, just make sure they are in the pit.

Change vegetables as needed! If you don’t have the vegetables I used, don’t worry! Serve the chicken on top of the pasta with a side salad or with a vegetable of your choice. Anything goes!

Finally season the vegetables.

Towards the end of the recipe, remove the chicken and tent it with foil. The vegetables are easy to season and after removing the chicken, coat them with extra spices and butter. Don’t worry, you’ll put everything together before you bring dinner to the table.

The best skeleton to use

You are packing a lot of food in one pan. To make sure you have enough space for all the chicken and vegetables, it’s best to use a 12-inch skeleton (measured from above).

How to forward and freeze

When the chicken is sold, store it. Take 10 minutes to label the bag and make the marinade. Put the marinade and chicken in the bag. Freeze the freezer flat to save space.

Relax because chicken tastes good with or without vegetables! When the busy working week is over, take the chicken out of the freezer to the fridge in the morning. You can put chicken on the table in less than 30 minutes when you get home from work!

  • Use a gallon-sized freezer bag that you press to seal instead of a bag with a zipper slide.
  • Enter the date, name of the recipe, and SimplyRecipes.com so you can easily find the recipe later.
  • Add the chicken and marinade ingredients to the bag.
  • Take as much air out of the bag as possible and close it.
  • Smooth around the chicken until it is well wrapped in the marinade.
  • Lie flat to freeze.
  • It will keep in the freezer for 6 months, and is melted in the refrigerator for 48 hours.

    Not a planner? No big deal! You can still start finishing this whole dish in one night and prepare dinner in 40 minutes or less.


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