New Orleans Beignets

Enjoy pillows, sweet New Orleans style baguettes at home. Start the dough the night before, and let it rise slowly overnight for a sweet breakfast, or do it all in the morning. This is a trip to Cafe du Monde without a ticket!

Have you ever begged? Buried in powdered sugar, these sweet, fried flour squares are an important part of New Orleans food culture, where tourists only visit Cafe du Monde, famous for its beggars and coffee.

My NOLA beignet experience is a lasting memory. I was lucky to be in good company, there was music all around us, and as we approached the cafe, the humid air was thick with the aroma of flour, sugar and coffee. It was heaven.

Although I can’t leave for New Orleans at any time for a baguette experience, I can recreate something like this at home and share it with you all!

What to Expect From a Beignet

While I was working on this recipe, I channeled my memory of these beggars. Every bite needs to start with just the crisp golden edge in the cloud of sugar that gave way to a pillow, warm interior.

How Are Beignets Different From Doughnuts?

Beignets only have a single rise, unlike doughnuts, which have a second rise after they are cut out. Instead, beignets go from the initial rise to cutting and frying in pretty quick succession.

Once fried, they are coated, and I mean absolutely covered, in powdered sugar.

How Are Beignets Served?

Sometimes the bignettes are served with one side of the jam for dipping, but not always. They are usually served hot, covered in powdered sugar, with coffee on one side. I’m personally a fan of the classic combo of sugar, hot baguettes and bitter coffee.

Time Saving Beignet Tips

If you want to prepare the dough ahead of time, you can add it slowly in the refrigerator overnight. Then you can roll it out and cut the bagnets. As the dough cools, let the sliced ​​bagnets come to room temperature for about 30 minutes before frying.

To Reheat Bagnets: An instant break of 10 seconds in the microwave will benefit them greatly.

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